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Article 26 - Call-Back Pay

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26.01 When an employee is recalled to a place of work for a specific duty, he/she shall be paid the greater of:
  (a)compensation at the appropriate overtime rate; or
  (b)compensation equivalent to four (4) hours pay at the straight-time rate.
26.02(1)When an employee reports to work, overtime for which he/she has been recalled under the conditions described in Clause 26.01 and is required to use transportation services other than normal public transportation service, he/she shall be paid the actual cost of commercial transportation each way, upon the production of receipt for payment of transportation in excess of ($10.00) ten dollars.

Where the employee uses his/her personal motor vehicle, he/she shall be paid the appropriate distance rate specified in Article 45 - Duty Travel Expenses.

26.03(1)An employee who is required to work during off duty hours by responding by phone, email or other electronic means  and is not required to return to the workplace, shall be compensated at the greater of:
  (a)One (1) hour at the straight time rate; or
  (b)compensation at the applicable overtime rate for time worked.

This minimum one hour payment applies only once during each sixty minute period.

The minimum payment of one (1) hour at the overtime rate in Articles 23.02 and 23.05 (a) does not apply to this situation.

 (2)An employee who receives pay under this article is not eligible for pay under Article 25 – Reporting Pay, or Article 29 – Standby Pay.