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Article 29 - Standby

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Where the Employer requires an employee to be available on standby during off-duty hours, an employee shall be entitled to a standby payment of one hour’s pay at the employee’s base salary for each eight (8) consecutive hours or portion thereof that he/she is on standby, except on his/her days of rest and designated paid holidays.

For each eight (8) consecutive hours or portion thereof that an employee is on standby on a day of rest or a designated paid holiday, he/she shall be paid one and one-half hours pay at the employee’s base salary.

 (2)An employee designated by letter or by list for standby duty shall be available during his/her period of standby at a known telephone number and be available to return for duty as quickly as possible if called. In designating employees for standby the Employer will endeavour to provide for the equitable distribution of standby duties among readily available, qualified employees who are normally required, in their regular duties, to perform that work.

No standby payment shall be granted if an employee is unable to report for duty when required.

 (4)An employee on standby who is required to return to the workplace shall be paid, in addition to the standby pay, the appropriate overtime rate for all hours worked, subject to a minimum payment of four (4) hours pay at the straight time rate each time he/she reports, except that this minimum shall only apply once during each standby period of eight (8) consecutive hours or portion thereof.
 (5)Except in the case of an emergency, standby schedules shall be posted fourteen (14) days in advance of the starting date of the new shift schedule.
29.02 When an employee on standby is required to report for work, he/she shall be reimbursed transportation costs as follows:

Actual cost of commercial transportation each way not to exceed ten dollars ($10.00) without the production of a receipt;

  (b)Where he/she uses his/her personal motor vehicle, the appropriate distance rate specified in Clause 45.11(a)(i).
29.03(1)An employee who is required to work during off duty hours by responding by phone, email or other electronic means  and is not required to return to the workplace, shall be compensated at the greater of:
  (a)One (1) hour at the straight time rate; or
  (b)Compensation at the applicable overtime rate for time worked.
  This minimum one (1) hour payment applies only once during each sixty minute period. The minimum payment of one (1) hour at the overtime rate in Articles 23.02 and 23.05 (a) does not apply to this situation.
 (2)An employee on standby is not entitled to pay under Article 25 –   Reporting Pay or Article 26 – Call Back Pay.
29.04 Subject to operational requirements and where there is cause, employees may refuse to be on standby during off-duty hours.