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Article 46 - Uniforms and Protective Clothing

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46.01Where an employee's work is of a nature where health and cleanliness must be maintained or where special identification will aid in the effective performance of duties and in meeting particular program objectives, the Employer will provide uniform clothing free of charge to employees.
46.02Uniform clothing Issue is defined as items of wearing apparel, maintained at an acceptable standard at the employee's expense, generally consisting of:
 (a)outer clothing worn on duty indoors or outdoors;
 (c)gloves and ties.
46.03Uniform clothing Issues provided free of charge to employees and replaced free of charge under prescribed conditions will be considered items of Government property.


46.04(a)Uniform clothing Issues are to be worn only when employees are on duty.
 (b)The responsibility of maintaining uniform clothing Issues clean and in good repair rests with employees.
 (c)Loss of, or damage through negligence, to uniform clothing Issues will result in an assessed charge to the employee.
 (d)In the event a uniformed employee terminates or transfers to a non-uniformed position, the employee shall be given an option to purchase selected uniformed clothing items at a reasonable price based on the age and condition of the selected items.
46.05Custodial workers will be supplied smocks or coveralls. Custodial workers who are required to work outdoors in the winter will be provided insulated coveralls.
46.06An annual allowance of two hundred and fifty dollars ($250) will be provided to those employees who the Employer, the Workers’ Safety and Compensation Commission or the NWT Safety Act deems to require safety footwear and gloves. Employees who are on strength September 1st will receive this allowance on the employee’s first pay in September.  This annual allowance will not be paid where an employee is provided with safety footwear by the Employer.

Dry Cleaning Allowance for Uniforms

Employees who are provided, by the Employer, with uniforms that require dry cleaning shall be paid an allowance of one hundred and seventy-five dollars ($175.00).   Employees who are on strength September 1st will receive this allowance on the employee’s first pay in September.