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Article 59 - Duration and Renewal

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The term of this Agreement shall be four (4) years, from April 1, 2012 to March 31, 2016

The pay schedules contained in Appendix B shall be effective April 1, 2012. All other provisions of this Agreement shall take effect on the date of ratification, unless another date is expressly stated.

59.02Notwithstanding the proceeding, the provisions of this Agreement, including the provisions for the adjustments of disputes in Article 37, shall remain in effect during the negotiations for its renewal.
59.03Either party may, by written notice, require the other party to commence bargaining collectively with a view to the conclusion, renewal or revision of the Collective Agreement.
59.04Where notice to commence collective bargaining has been given, the Employer shall not without the Union’s consent, increase or decrease salaries, or alter any other term or condition of employment of employees in the Bargaining Unit which was in force on the day on which the notice to bargain was given and while negotiations for its renewal are ongoing.