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MOU – Employee Travel Accident Insurance

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Employee Travel Accident Insurance

All persons employed in the Public Service of the Northwest Territories are eligible to receive this benefit.

The Government of the Northwest Territories provides as an employee benefit Travel Accident Insurance, which insures employees against accidents, which may occur while the employee, is traveling “on the business of the insured”.

The term “on the business of the insured” means any trip on assignment by or with the authorization of the Employer for the purpose of furthering the business of the Employer.  At no cost to the employees this policy provides:


Accidental Death and Dismemberment
- $200,000.00 Principal Sum


Weekly Indemnity
The lesser of:

  (a) $250.00; or
  (b) 70% of the employee’s normal weekly earnings, or

100% of the employee’s normal weekly earnings reduced by the amount of any weekly benefit which is payable to the employee by the Workers’ Compensation and Safety Commission, or any other government agency in respect of the employee’s disability.  In no case shall the weekly income benefit be less than $100.00.


Medical Expense
- $10,000.00 maximum

The following schedule sets out the benefits for loss occurring within 365 days from the date of an accident, and resulting directly and independently of all other causes from accidental bodily injuries sustained by an employee:

Proportion of Principal
Sum Payable by Insured

For Loss Of Life   100 percent
For total and permanent loss of    
Hearing in both ears or speech   66 2/3 percent
Hearing in one ear   16 2/3 percent
For permanent loss or total permanent loss of use of    
Both hands at or above wrists   100 percent
Both feet at or above ankles   100 percent
One hand at or above wrist and one foot at or above ankle   100 percent
Entire sight of both eyes   100 percent
One hand at or above wrist and entire sight of one eye   100 percent
One foot at or above ankle and entire sight of one eye   100 percent
One arm at or above elbow   75 percent
One leg at or above knee   75 percent
Either hand at or above wrist   66 2/3 percent
Either foot at or above ankle   66 2/3 percent
Thumb and index finger of either hand at or above    
metacarpo-phalangeal joints   33 1/3 percent

If the employee should sustain more than one of the losses described above as the result of any one accident, the Insurer will pay the amount stated for each such loss up to but not exceeding in aggregate the amount referred to in the Schedule as the Principal Sum Benefit.

The indemnities set forth in this policy are in addition to any other benefits which may be payable by the Government of the Northwest Territories or by any insurance plan or scheme in which the Government participates with the employees.