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Course Checklist

Course Check List

The Course Checklist is a quick reference tool that outlines all courses in the Management Series and assists participants to self-track progress through the Series.  

Mandatory Courses

All mandatory courses must be completed. Courses are designated mandatory because they are in subject areas where the information and knowledge gained by participants helps to reduce the GNWT’s financial and/or legal risk, reflects GNWT priorities and objectives and/or is in an area where the GNWT has determined that mandatory training is required.

Elective Courses

Participants may choose four courses to complete which are consistent with their learning plans to support their management competencies and professional development.

Course Availability

Every effort is made to ensure that courses are available through the HRIS/SAM 'Learning' tile. However, there may be instances where courses are no longer available or removed and/or where new courses are added.

Access to courses for employees may be provided via in-person, online self-study learning, MS Teams or GoToMeeting, when possible.