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Program Guidelines

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The Management Series offers mandatory and elective courses intended to provide relevant information on policies, processes and procedures in supervisory/management roles within the Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT). 

The objectives of this Series are to:

  • Provide relevant information specific to supervisory/management roles;

  • Strengthen human resources management capacity;

  • Align courses with GNWT priorities; and

  • Support mandatory training identified through the Learning and Development Policy.

Program Components

This Series is mandatory for all GNWT managers, supervisors and directors, subject to program eligibility.

The Series is comprised of mandatory and elective courses intended to be completed within a two year time frame, where participants: 

  • must complete all mandatory courses;

  • choose four elective courses to complete which are consistent with their learning plan to support management competencies and their professional development;

  • sign up for program courses offered through the HRIS/SAM 'Learning' tile, subject to supervisor approval; and

  • are provided credit for any courses taken since the launch of the My HR Learning and Development Calendar in July 2015.

Series courses are delivered by existing GNWT employees with specific technical expertise and experience in the subject matter and/or contractors with prior significant experience working for the GNWT.

The Series is flexible and allows participants to apply and prioritize attendance in program courses that best fits with their learning plan and operational requirements.

Every effort is made to ensure that courses are available through the HRIS/SAM 'Learning' tile. However, there may be instances where courses are no longer available and/or where new courses are added. In addition, courses may have a maximum number of participants and are available on a first come first served basis, pending supervisor approval.

Access to courses for employees may be provided via in-person, online self-study learning, MS Teams or GoToMeeting, when possible.

Certificate of Completion will be issued for participants that successfully complete the program. 

Participants who do not complete the Series within the required two year time frame will be required to re-submit a new program application.  Participants will need to contact the Program Administrator at for assistance in re-applying to the program.

Program Eligibility

To be eligible for the Series, all of the following criteria must be met:

  1. a GNWT Supervisor, Manager or Director;

  2. have one or more direct reports;

  3. an indeterminate or term GNWT employee; and

  4. a member of the Public Service in the GNWT. (excluding employees of the Northwest Territories’ Territorial Teachers Association Collective Agreement and Northwest Territories Power Corporation, Hay River Health & Social Services Authority and Workers’ Safety Compensation Commission)

Approval in the program is subject to supervisor approval and application process.

Should a participant change departments or roles they will remain enrolled in the program to support completion. 

Program Cost

There is no additional program fee. Most courses are free; however there may be some courses which have additional course fees. 

Any fees related to course travel and related expenses are the sole responsibility of the employees’ department.

Application and Selection Process

There are no designated intake periods or maximum number of participants in the Series.  Applicants are able to apply at any point throughout the year.

All applications will be assessed and approved based on Series eligibility and to support this mandatory requirement for all GNWT managers, supervisors and directors.

The Series application process includes:

  1. Applicants apply through the HRIS/SAM 'Learning' tile.

  2. The applicant’s online application will be automatically sent to the applicant’s supervisor for approval based on Series eligibility.

  3. The applicants supervisor will either approve or deny the program application based on the Series eligibility.

  4. Applicants will then receive an email notification on the status of their Series application and next steps.

Roles and Responsibilities

Department of Finance, Strategic HR Division:

  • Administers and manages the Series, guidelines and online application process;

  • Provides a tool for participants' use in self-tracking progress through the Series;

  • Subject to facilitators’ availability, coordinates with course facilitators to ensure course offerings are continually offered through the HRIS/SAM 'Learning' tile;

  • Advises participants of any courses that are no longer available and/or where new courses are added or changed;

  • Monitors, audits and tracks program completions for providing Certificate of Completions to participants and supervisors;

  • Reports enrolments and course completions to departments on a quarterly basis; and

  • Evaluates the Series, on an ongoing basis, through the collection of program activities, effectiveness and outcomes to ensure that the Series is meeting objectives.

Participants’ Supervisors:

  • Ensures participation in the Management Series is reflected on the participant’s learning plan, and that elective courses chosen are tied to the participant’s learning plan if required, and

  • Supports employee’s participation in the Management Series, based on eligibility.


  • Ensures participation in the Management Series is reflected on their learning plan;

  • Self-manages and tracks progress through the HRIS/SAM 'Learning' tile through their dashboard and the Course Checklist;

  • Advises Program Administrator and supervisor of program completion;

  • Ensures registration information including work email address is current through Self-Service>Personal Information in HRIS/SAM;

  • Advises the Program Administrator at prior to going on any  extended leave to request an extension on their Series completion date; and

  • Prior to their last day as an active GNWT employee, self-withdraw.