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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I apply?

Through the HRIS/SAM 'Learning' tile, search for 'Management Series' and click on the “Register” button.

How does my application get approved?

Your registration will be sent to your supervisor for verification and approval, subject to series eligibility. 

Where can I view my application status?

To view the status of your application, login to HRIS/SAM, go to the 'Learning Tile' and click “View All”.

What happens when my application is approved?

You will receive a generated notification on your application approval, and next steps to support and assist you in completing this Series by your deadline completion date. This includes:         

  • Registering and self-managing your progress in the Series through the HRIS/SAM 'Learning' tile and also using the Series course checklist.
  • Receiving email status updates throughout the Series and a final one month reminder prior to your Series completion date.

What happens if my application is denied?

This Series is mandatory for all GNWT Managers, Supervisors and Directors. An application would only be denied if you do not meet all the eligibility criteria as outlined in the Program Guidelines. To be eligible for the Series you must:

  • be a GNWT Supervisor, Manager or Director;
  • have one or more direct reports;
  • be an indeterminate or term GNWT employee; and
  • a Member of the Public Service in the GNWT (excluding employees of the Northwest Territories’ Territorial Association Collective Agreement (NWTTA), Northwest Territories Power Corporation, Hay River Health & Social Services Authority and Workers’ Safety Compensation Commission).

Where can I find and register for Series courses?

You can register through the HRIS/SAM 'Learning' tile.

You are encouraged to self-track your progress using the Series Course checklist available through the My HR website under Learning and Development under the Management Series webpage

Where do I view and manage my Series progress?

You can view and manage your progress through the HRIS/SAM 'Learning' tile. You will also be able to view your Series start and end date. You are also encouraged to use the Series Course checklist to manage your progress.

What happens when I have completed all of the Series course requirements?

Once you have completed all requirements, your status will change to “Complete”. You and your supervisor will then be notified, from, on the successful completion of the Series, where a Certificate of Completion will later be sent to you electronically. 

What happens when my Series deadline passes without all course requirements being met?

You and your supervisor will be notified that your deadline has passed and that your series is incomplete. You would be required to reapply to the Series again. To reapply, you will need to contact the Program Administrator at

Please note that this Series is mandatory for all Managers, Supervisors and Directors, within the GNWT, to register for and complete within two years of your Series start date.

You will also receive email updates on your progress along with a final one month reminder of your upcoming completion end date.

How can I withdraw from the Series?

This Series is mandatory for all Managers, Supervisors and Directors within the GNWT, to register for and complete within two years of acceptance. Participants should only withdraw if they will no longer be working for the GNWT.

What happens if I change Departments or positions within the GNWT?

You would still remain enrolled in the Series to support completion by your deadline date.

What happens to my Series status if I go on extended leave or I no longer work for the GNWT?

If you go on extended leave, please advise the Program Administrator at

If you will no longer work for the GNWT, please withdraw prior to your last day through the 'Learning' tile.

Where can I find additional information about the Management Series?

For further information, please refer to the guidelines section of the Management Series webpage under the Learning & Development section of My HR or contact the Program Administrator at