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0305 - Union Use of Employer Premises, Facilities and Services

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  1. Premises, facilities and services owned by the Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT) are to be used for Government business only, except where other use is allowed under the collective agreements (in unusual circumstances the Government may allow the NWT Teachers' Association (NWTTA) or the Union of Northern Workers (UNW) to use Government facilities and services).



  1. These guidelines and procedures apply to all employees, except those employed by the NWT Power Corporation.



  1. Premises means structures and land owned, leased or otherwise occupied by the Government.
  2. Facilities are all items owned, leased or used by the Government, other than premises. This includes Government equipment and services such as photocopiers, computers, electronic mail systems and telephones.



  1. Government equipment and facilities are not to be used by employees for personal purposes.
  2. The GNWT internal mail system, including electronic mail, can be used for the delivery of mail from the NWTTA or UNW head offices to union officers, and from union officers to the NWTTA or UNW head offices.  The GNWT mail system is not to be used by the NWTTA or UNW head offices or union officers for:
    1. distributing information to the general membership of the bargaining group; or
    2. exchanging information with individual bargaining group members (i.e., grievance documentation).
  3. Upon the request of a union representative, the Employer shall make available to the union and the members of the bargaining unit a suitable meeting room for each local or branch to be used from time to time for the conducting of business relating to the bargaining unit, where suitable accommodation is not otherwise available, and where the Employer has a suitable meeting room available.
  4. Upon reasonable notification, the Employer will permit union representatives access to work premises.  Meetings shall be conducted when the facility is open and shall include, but not be limited to, the following:
    1. meetings with employees;
    2. orientation of new employees;
    3. distributing information to employees; or
    4. health and safety activities.
  5. The Government shall provide bulletin board space in each work location for the posting of notices regarding UNW or NWTTA elections, appointments, meeting dates, news items and social or recreational activities.  For the NWTTA this bulletin board space will be located in the school staff room.
  6. The Government may provide places on its premises for bulk quantities of UNW and Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) literature.
  7. When an employee who is a union representative or union member is found to be using Government equipment or facilities for personal use or inappropriate union use, disciplinary action may be taken at the discretion of the employee's supervisor or Deputy Head.
  8. Guidelines and procedures for time off for union business are addressed in Section 812- Other Leave with Pay.



  1. Accredited representatives of the UNW and NWTTA must obtain permission before entering restricted areas.  A shop steward may contact the director of a division or the Deputy Head of a Department, Board or Agency for permission. Permission is not unreasonably denied.
  2. Given reasonable notice, the Government will allow UNW and NWTTA representatives’ access to unrestricted areas.  For the NWTTA, the staff room is considered an unrestricted area.


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