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1604 - Medical Termination

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  1. These guidelines apply to all employees except those of the NWT Power Corporation.



  1. Medical Termination is a non-disciplinary termination of employment.  A medical termination is considered when an employee is unable to do the job because of illness and it is unlikely that the employee will sufficiently recover to return to duty in the near future.
  2. Prognosis is a physician’s statement outlining the long-term expectations regarding an employee's medical condition.  The prognosis does not state or describe the employee’s medical condition.  It indicates if and when the employee may be able to report for duty and what tasks the employee may be able to perform.



  1. The Government may terminate an employee who is unable to fulfill obligations under the employment relationship due to illness.
  2. A medical termination is not disciplinary in nature.
  3. A medical termination does not affect an employee's disability benefits as long as the employee has applied for the benefits prior to termination.
  4. Sick leave is approved for employees when appropriate.  It is not necessary to allow an employee to liquidate all sick leave prior to medical termination.
  5. The basis of a medical termination is a prognosis of the employee's condition.
  6. Care needs to be taken in all medical termination cases to ensure that there is no discrimination against an employee due to disability.


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