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0502 - Types of Employment

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  1. Human resources are the critical element in the ability of the Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT) to deliver effective and efficient programs and services.  In addition to hiring an employee for an indeterminate period, Departments, Boards or Agencies may also hire an employee on a term, seasonal, casual, relief, part-time or job-share basis to meet program and service needs.



  1. These guidelines and procedures apply to all employees, except those employed by the (Northwest Territories) NWT Power Corporation.



  1. Casual Employment is employment obtained through the casual hiring process for a fixed period less than 12 months to do work of a temporary nature where the employee is not appointed to a position in the Territorial public service.  Casual employment can be full-time, part-time or as and when required.  Casual employees may be included in the Union of Northern Workers (UNW) bargaining unit.  Casual employees hired for periods of four months or more are entitled to provisions of the UNW collective agreement as outlined in Appendix A5 of the collective agreement.
  2. Term Employment is employment for a fixed period and which at the end of the fixed period, the employee ceases to be employed.  Term employment is obtained either by:
    1. appointment to a Territorial public service position for a specified period (i.e., three years) through a formal staffing competition process (referred to as term employee); or
    2. employment of a casual nature where the employee is not appointed to a Territorial public service position but whose continuous service exceeds four months and is less than 12 months and who, by virtue of this, is entitled to all of the relevant provisions outlined in the collective agreements or handbooks (referred to as a casual term employee).
  3. Indeterminate Employment is employment on a continuing basis, with no end date specified.
  4. Job Share Employment is where two employees share the responsibilities, tasks and hours of work of one full time position.  It involves a rotational schedule of work where each employee works for separate periods.
  5. Part-time Employment is employment on a continuing basis for hours less than the standard workday, week or month.
  6. Relief Employment/Relief Worker is appointment to an indeterminate position in operations where services operate on a daily basis throughout the year for which there are no established hours on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.  The incumbent may be required to report to work on an as-and-when required basis.
  7. Seasonal Employment is employment of a seasonal nature, which is not continuous throughout the year but recurs in successive years.



  1. Deputy Heads are responsible for determining the types of employment and positions required for the operation of the Department, Board or Agency.
  2. Leave entitlements, hours of work, benefit eligibility requirements, etc. for the types of employment may differ from the requirements for a full-time indeterminate employee.  Additional information is outlined in the specific employment section or the appropriate sections (i.e., leave) of the
    Human Resource Manual.



  1. The supervisor will notify the Department of Finance as to what type of employment is required when creating job descriptions, hiring employees, etc.


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