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0504 - Conversion from Classroom Assistant to Teacher Position

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  1. In order to deliver programs in the most effective manner possible management has the ability to reorganize its work force, including redescribing positions.



  1. These guidelines and procedures apply to all classroom assistant and language and cultural specialist positions.



  1. Superintendent means a Superintendent employed pursuant to Article 78 of the Education Act.



  1. A request for re-evaluation of a classroom assistant position to a language or cultural specialist position should be made only where a change in job requirements arise and a Divisional Education Council requires the position to perform teaching functions without supervision.
  2. The Registrar in the Department of Education, Culture and Employment (ECE) ensures that all teachers hold valid certificates. Classroom Assistants who meet the proper criteria may apply for an interim aboriginal language teaching certificate. This certificate allows the classroom assistant to teach.
  3. Interim teaching certificates are normally valid for a three year period and can be extended to allow individuals to complete courses and teaching experience. The Director is responsible for monitoring employees to ensure they complete the requirements for a permanent certificate. A language or cultural specialist, whose certificate is allowed to expire, can no longer teach.
  4. Vacant positions may also be redescribed. They must be advertised with an aboriginal language-teaching certificate required.



  1. The Director sends a letter to the Job Evaluation Division of the FMBS in Yellowknife, requesting that the classroom assistant position be re-evaluated to a NWTTA language specialist or cultural specialist position. This letter must include, the effective date of the re-evaluation (usually the date the teaching certificate is received by the teacher and Education). A formal re-evaluation request form and a copy of the teaching certificate or notification from the Registrar must also be attached to this letter.
  2. The classroom assistant completes the application for an interim aboriginal language teaching certificate and submits it to the Director.
  3. The application form is signed by an acceptable officer and is sent to the Registrar, Department of ECE, in Yellowknife.
  4. The Director completes a salary determination form. References to applicable allowances (NWT Teachers’ Association (NWTTA) Collective Agreement, Appendix A) must also be included. A copy of the salary determination and placement on the grid is sent to the region Financial Management Board Secretariat (FMBS) office.
  5. Once an interim aboriginal language teaching certificate is issued, the Director forwards a copy to the FMBS for placement on the employee's file.
  6. Job Evaluation issues a new Position Information Certificate (PIC) with changes to the job title and the union coding. Copies of the new PIC are forwarded to the Department of ECE, Education Board, Labour Relations and Compensation and Regional FMBS offices.
  7. On receipt of the PIC, the FMBS Regional offices confirm that there is a teaching certificate on the employee's file and takes appropriate pay action (placement in the LS-CS category of the NWTTA grid). Sick and special leave credits are carried over. The FMBS then notifies the employee of the changes to the position.
  8. The Divisional Education Council writes to the employee to advise the employee that the change in bargaining unit status also changes the employee's terms of employment. Changes in benefits are outlined in Attachment “A”. The employee is formally advised of the requirement to maintain a valid teaching certificate. Failure to do so can result in a return to a classroom assistant position.
  9. The employee signs this letter to signify that the employee has read and understood it and returns a copy to the FMBS office.
  10. The Director ensures the position is added to the teaching establishment.
  11. When a language or cultural specialist completes teacher training, the specialist can apply for a teaching certificate. When such a certificate is issued, the Director forwards a copy to the FMBS for placement on the employee's file.