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  1. Human resources are the critical element in the ability of the Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT) to deliver effective and efficient programs and services.  In addition to hiring an employee for an indeterminate period, Departments, Boards or Agencies may also agree to allow two employees to share the hours of a full time position to meet program and service needs.



  1. These guidelines and procedures apply to all employees except those in the Northwest Territories Teachers’ Association (NWTTA) bargaining unit or those employed by the Northwest Territories (NWT) Power Corporation.

    Employees in the Union of Northern Workers bargaining unit who work in hospitals or health care facilities refer to Section 502f Job Share Employees-Health.



  1. Job Share Employment is a voluntary arrangement where two employees share the responsibilities, tasks and hours of work of one full-time position.  It involves a rotational schedule of work where each employee works for separate periods.
  2. Job Share Employee is an indeterminate Government employee who has entered into a voluntary agreement with the Government.  Two employees share one full-time indeterminate job. 



  1. Job sharing must involve no increase in cost to the Government and cannot result in a loss in productivity.
  2. Job sharing is done on a rotational basis under which one employee covers the position at all times except when one or both employees are on approved leave.
  3. The Employer does not unilaterally change the established rotation.  The rotation may be changed by mutual consent in order to cover the absence of one of the employees.
  4. The provisions for part-time employees apply to each of the job share employees so that all benefits are pro-rated except medical travel assistance, dental and other medical insurance plans.  These benefits are not prorated and the Employer will continue to pay the full employer’s share.
  5. The Employer will pay the employees on a bi-weekly basis for the hours worked at the pay step appropriate to each employee’s circumstance for the pay grade of the position.
  6. A job share employee who wishes to terminate the job share must resign and give at least one months’ notice of the resignation.
  7. If only one of the employees wishes to terminate the job share arrangement, there will be a one-month period in which to find a replacement before the arrangement is terminated.  During this period the Employer shall make reasonable efforts to fill the vacant rotation.  The Employer will consider any suitable replacement employees suggested by the remaining employee.  Failing this, the job share arrangement is deemed to be terminated and the shared position must revert to a full time indeterminate position, with the remaining employee having the option to assume that position full-time.
  8. The breaks between each period of job share service shall not interrupt the accumulation of continuous employment/continuous service with the Government of the Northwest Territories, but will not be included in the calculation of continuous employment/continuous service.



  1. The two employees requesting a job share provide a written request outlining the proposed hours of work and explaining how programs and services will be maintained at equivalent or improved levels.
  2. The supervisor reviews the proposed job share schedule and, if it is acceptable and complies with operational requirements, recommends acceptance of the job share arrangement to the Deputy Head.
  3. The Deputy Head approves or rejects the job share arrangement and notifies the employees.
  4. The supervisor informs the Department of Human Resources four weeks in advance of the commencement of the job share to avoid confusion or interruption when processing pay and leave benefits.
  5. The Department of Human Resources completes the job-share agreement for signature by the employees and Deputy Head.
  6. The supervisor maintains records on the approved job share schedule.  These records show the name, position number and title of each employee and the approved schedule of hours of work.
  7. The supervisor reviews these records annually to ensure that operational requirements are being met and to assess the effectiveness of the job share schedule.


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