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0603 - Shift Work

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  1. These guidelines and procedures apply to all employees except those in the Northwest Territories Teachers’ Association, those employed by the Northwest Territories Power Corporation and those in senior management.



  1. Shift work is the regular hours of work scheduled by the Employer to fall outside of the standard hours of 08:00 and 17:00, Monday to Friday.



  1. The Government sets up a regular schedule of hours of work for employees who must work shifts.
  2. A master weekly shift schedule must be posted at least 14 days in advance to cover the work area's shift requirements for at least 28 calendar days unless otherwise agreed.  For example, the master shift schedule for health care workers must be posted five days in advance, for corrections one month in advance.
  3. Employees may exchange shifts with management's approval. There must be no increase in cost as a result of the shift exchange.



  1. The master work schedule is posted for employees in an operation who work shift hours.
  2. Where shift work is required, the following process applies to the Union of Northern Workers (UNW) bargaining unit:
    1. notice is provided to the UNW indicating the requirement to establish or change shift work schedules; and
    2. the UNW and the Employer will agree before establishing new or revised shifts hours for an operational unit.  Such agreement will not be unreasonably withheld.


Authorities and References

Collective Agreement with UNW
Article 22, Hours of Work
Article 27, Shift Premium

Unique entitlements may apply to some UNW groups including:
Appendix A1, Relief Employees
Appendix A2, Corrections Officers
Appendix A10, Health Care Practitioners
Appendix A11, Airport Firefighters
Appendix A12, Marine Workers
Memorandum of Understanding, Parks, Visitor Centre and Forest Fire Management Employees

Excluded Employees' Handbook
Hours of Work (Shift Work, Shift Premium)