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0609 - Lieu Time

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Entitlements for bargaining unit and excluded employees are contained in collective agreements and employee handbooks including:

Main Collective Agreement with UNW

Article 23, Overtime
Article 22, Hours of Work
Article 24.03, Pay
Article 25, Reporting Pay
Article 26, Call-Back Pay
Article 27, Shift Premium
Article 29, Standby
Article 31, Pay for Travel on Behalf of the Employer
Article 45, Duty Travel
Article 48, Short Term Leave for Training Purposes

Excluded Employees’ Handbook - Hours of Work (Overtime, Duty Travel)



These guidelines and procedures apply to all employees except senior management, relief workers, Northwest Territories Teachers' Association members and those employed by the Northwest Territories Power Corporation.



Overtime is work performed by an employee, at the request of the Employer, in excess of, or outside of the employee's regularly scheduled hours of work.

Lieu time is leave provided as compensation for overtime worked, instead of a cash payment.



  1. To deliver programs effectively, Departments/Agencies may require employees to work outside of their regularly scheduled hours of work.  Instead of paying overtime, Departments/Agencies may agree to grant employees equivalent leave with pay at the appropriate overtime rate (lieu time).
  2. The granting of lieu time is strictly at the discretion of management in a Department or Agency.
  3. Lieu time must be taken at a time agreeable to both the supervisor and the employee. 
  4. Relief workers are not eligible to accrue lieu time and will only receive cash payment for overtime.
  5. Employees may not accumulate more than 75 hours of lieu time per fiscal year (80 hours for employees who work eight hour days).  This applies to all Departments/Agencies.  This amount does not include LIEUSTATS banks established for some employees for hours worked on Designated Paid Holidays. 
  6. This maximum is not a rolling refillable bank.
  7. If the employee has reached their maximum lieu time for the fiscal year, the employee will automatically be compensated for the overtime as a cash payment on his/her pay cheque.
  8. A maximum of 37.5 hours (40 hours for individuals who work eight hour days) lieu time may be carried over from one fiscal year to the next.  If lieu hours are carried over, they count as part of the new fiscal year’s limit.  For example, if an employee carries over 37.5 hours, he/she may only earn a maximum of 37.5 lieu hours in that new fiscal year.
  9. GNWT employees may only carry over 37.5 hours.  All hours in excess of this limit shall be paid out.
  10. Where employees are in a 40-hour per week position, the lieu time maximums are adjusted to 40 hours for carry-over and an annual maximum of 80 hours.
  11. Managers have the option of setting lower maximums for lieu time within their divisions.  However, it then becomes the manager’s responsibility to monitor any accumulation under the 75 hours maximum. 
  12. Managers will advise both their staff and the Department of Human Resources if they have set lower maximums for lieu time.
  13. The following GNWT positions require employees to work unusual schedules involving a high number of overtime hours concentrated within a two or three month period each year and therefore different lieu maximums are allowed: 
    Department of Public Works and Services
    PPD Operations Officers
    Water Treatment Plant Operators (Behchoko)

    Stanton Territorial Health Authority
    Operating Room Nurses

    Fort Smith Health and Social Services Authority
    Fort Smith Health Centre Laboratory and X-ray employees
  14. The following GNWT positions are designated as winter work positions and will have lieu time balances in excess of the carry over amount paid out on October 1 each year rather than on April 1:
    GNWT Wide
    Financial positions responsible for year-end processing

    Department of Industry, Tourism and Investment
    Parks Officers

    Department of Transportation
    Airfield Maintenance Specialists

    Office of the Regulator of Oil and Gas Operations
    Positions responsible for Winter Field Activities

  15. The approving officer shall do the following before approving lieu time:
    1. Ensure that the overtime has been authorized and complies with Human Resource Manual Section 604 and applicable collective agreement or employee handbook.
    2. Review and confirm the reasons for the overtime/lieu time provided by the employee in the Comments section of PeopleSoft Self Service.
    3. Review the employee’s Compensatory Time Detail to monitor lieu time accumulations and ensure lieu time maximums are not exceeded.
    4. Authorize overtime to be compensated as lieu time, verbally or in writing, before overtime begins.
  16. If an approving officer determines that an employee is accumulating too much lieu time, a manager may refuse to grant any more until the employee has used some of the accumulated credits.
  17. The employee shall:
    1. Obtain authorization before working overtime.
    2. Request to have overtime provided as lieu time.
    3. Enter hours worked into PeopleSoft Self Service and note the reasons for the overtime/lieu time in the Comments section.



About this section

Authority:                 Public Service Regulations, Section 10, Overtime and Holidays
Effective Date:         December 17, 2014     
History:                    November 4, 2011, Lieu Time
Responsible Unit:    Labour Relations