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Deferred Salary Leave Program

The Deferred Salary Leave Plan (DSLP) provides eligible employees the opportunity to take leave from the Territorial Public Service and to finance this leave through a twenty or ten percent deferral of their regular salary and followed by one year or six months of leave.  The monies are non-taxable when being deferred but become taxable when paid to the employee.

The deduction period is four years at twenty percent, or four and a half years at ten percent.


20% deduction from 01Jan2020 to 31Dec2023 inclusive 

10% deduction from 01Jan2020 to 30Jun2024 inclusive

When the leave period commences, the deferred monies are repaid to the employee at an hourly rate determined by the total amount deferred deductions divided by the hours of leave.


Leave from 01Jan2024 to 31Dec2024 inclusive, $80,000 divide by 1957.5 hours is 40.86/hour

Leave from 01Jul2024 to 31Dec2024 inclusive, $40,000 divide by 975 hours is 41.02/hour


Employees must provide their written application to their Deputy Head for approval at least 10 weeks prior to commencing their first deferral deductions or in the case of NWTTA teachers the application must be made by January 15th to enter the plan in the upcoming school year. Employees complete one of the following and submit to their department for approval.

1.Deferred salary leave agreement – one year (UNW, excluded and senior management employees);

2.Deferred salary leave agreement – teachers; or

3.Deferred salary leave agreement – six months (UNW, excluded and senior management employees).

Deadline submission:

Benefits Specialists must receive the approved Deferred Leave Agreement six weeks prior to the employee commencing their first deferral deductions. If postponing leave dates, department approval must be submitted to Benefits Specialist six months prior to commencing leave. Please refer to the Human Resource Manual 0815 for additional information and/or your Terms of Employment.

DSLP agreements must be emailed to Benefits Specialist at

Benefits while on leave:

Contact a Benefits Specialist to provide a Benefits Summary to outline impacts while on leave.

It is your responsibility to contact the Government of Canada Pension Centre at 1-800-561-7930 to discuss the impact, your payment options, and if there are any timeline sensitivities to certain options while on “self-funded leave” with the GNWT. Personal Record Identifier (PRI) is found in HRIS Self-Service > Leave Details.