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0802 - Attendance

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  1. These guidelines apply to all employees, except those employed by the Northwest Territories Power Corporation.


  1. An employee who is unable to report to duty and work is required to contact his/her supervisor or designate, personally, at the start of the workday. The employee is required to request leave and to provide an indication of the expected length of the absence. In some instances, leave may be conditionally approved. Conditional approval is based on the information available at the time that leave is requested. Conditional approval of leave is not a guarantee that full approval will be granted when complete facts are known.
  2. An employee is responsible for understanding the type of leave set out in the terms and conditions of his/her employment with the Public Service. Terms and conditions of employment include information found in collective agreements, employees’ handbooks, the Code of Conduct and the Public Service Act and Regulations. An employee who is unsure of what leave he/she is entitled to should speak to his/her supervisor.
  3. One type of leave cannot be substituted for another type of leave except in exceptional circumstances. For example, if an employee calls in sick and upon return to work finds he/she does not have enough sick leave credits, he/she cannot request vacation leave. The leave will be taken as sick leave without pay.
  4. Employees who are absent from the workplace due to injury or illness are responsible to maintain regular contact with their manager. This is particularly important for employees who are absent for an extended period of time. These employees should also expect that their manager will follow up as required for medical information.
  5. Where an employee is absent without leave or is late, appropriate deductions may be made from the employee's pay.
  6. Absence without approved leave may be subject to disciplinary action.
  7. Employee attendance and absences are recorded in PeopleSoft Self Service and must be entered immediately upon return from leave by the employee. Managers and supervisors are responsible for ensuring employees enter their leave in a timely fashion and the correct code has been used.

Authorities and References

Public Service Regulations - Section 15 - Attendance