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GNWT Competency Model

In line with the Government of the Northwest Territories’ (GNWT’s) strategies, the GNWT Public Service embarked on a Competency Model Review Project. The focus of the project was to identify and define the competencies that are important for successful performance in different roles. The Competency Model now forms the basis of strategic human resource processes, such as attraction, selection, retention, performance management, development, and succession planning.

What are Competencies?

Competencies are demonstrable characteristics and skills that enable people to deliver superior performance in a given job, role, or situation.

Why Competencies?

The competencies provide a description of the patterns of behaviours that are required for success in the GNWT Public Service. They help individuals and the organization focus on the characteristics and skills that enable people to consistently achieve high standards of performance.

Where can I find more information on the GNWT’s Competencies?

The Competency Model consists of 6 Core Competencies, which become mandatory April 1st, 2016, and 39 General Competencies, which are optional to be used by Supervisors & Managers to tailor a position for success.

A full listing of the GNWT’s Competency Model can be found on the GNWT Competency Library.