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Establishing a Learning Plan

What is a Learning Plan?

A Learning Plan is a useful tool to plan and manage Learning Goals as they relate to achieving work objectives and/or competency development.

How do I develop a Learning Plan?

Developing a Learning Plan requires that you:

  1. Identify a Learning Goal, the Competency (core or general) to be developed or work objective to be achieved;
  2. Identify the learning experience needed to develop that ability; and
  3. Identify the support required to develop and apply that ability.

Note: A learning experience does not have to be a formal training course.  Although formal training programs can provide considerable value, there are many other opportunities for fostering learning.

Why is it important?

Employees have the opportunity to state their learning requirements to assist in achieving work objectives and/or to advance within the GNWT.

Being successful in our positions by achieving work objectives and increasing our learning leads to being successful in our programs, units, divisions, and departments.

Learning activities are part of the GNWT’s overall learning and development goals as outlined in the Workforce Development Framework. The frameworks provides structure for GNWT employees and managers to plan for and participate in training programs and activities. Managers within each department are responsible for working with employees on learning and development activities to ensure that employees have the necessary capabilities to achieve job and government goals efficiently and effectively. Learning Plans assist with identifying learning activities that support the GNWT’s overall learning and development goals.

How do I write a Learning Goal?

Learning Goals should be developed using the SMART approach (similar to setting Work Objectives).



Specify the topic/task of the Objective.



Quality, quantity, timeliness, and/or cost effectiveness.



Realistic and within the employee’s control (not overly dependent on outside sources). 



Consistent with the employee’s role in the workplace.



There is a time limit associated with completion.


“In support of successfully fulfilling the role as the divisional safety representative, complete First Aid Training within the next three months.”

“To assist with the financial component of your role, view SAM PeopleSoft HRIS Modules this week & complete SAM & Visa One training within the next three months.”

“In support of increasing my People Management Competency, develop and deliver a team building exercise to divisional staff by June.”