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Performance Development Resources

The Government of the Northwest Territories recognizes the value of having a formalized government-wide performance management program in place to manage ongoing effectiveness of its employees, support their ongoing development, and to continue to ensure business objectives are being met. The Government of the Northwest Territories supports effective ongoing competency-based performance management for all staff as a means to reach these goals.

Managers and supervisors are responsible to lead the performance management and development process with their employees, in-line with the GNWT’s Performance Development Program.

Where can I learn about the Performance Development Program?

Managers can review the following resources to assist them in completing the necessary steps in document completion:

  • Performance Development Website
  • Performance Development Online Self-Study Modules are available through the HRIS/SAM portal and going to the ‘Learning’ tile.
    • Performance Development Objectives and Competencies
    • Performance Development Self-Evaluation
    • Performance Development for Managers
  • User Productivity Kits (UPK’s)
  • Managers Toolkit

Who can I talk to about Performance Development questions?

Should you require assistance in addition to the resources noted above, our staff are available to help over the phone or respond to your emailed questions:

  1. Reach out by email to your Human Resources Representative; or
  2. Email Performance Development at