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1202 - Commuting Allowance

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  1. These guidelines and procedures apply to all employees who are members of the Union of Northern Workers except those who are employed by the NWT Power Corporation.



  1. Employees must apply for this allowance.
  2. To be eligible, the employee's workplace must be outside of an 8 km (5 mile) radius of a settlement centre and there must be no public or Employer transportation available to the place of work.
  3. The employee will be paid the distance rate specified in Article 45.11(a)(i) of the Union of Northern Workers Collective Agreement, if he/she is required to use his/her personal motor vehicle. This is the private car kilometre rate authorized for the Employer’s convenience outlined in the GNWT duty travel rates.
  4. Commuting allowance travel (kilometres) is based on travel from the community centre to the workplace and the workplace to the community centre – one return trip per day.
  5. The employee must reapply annually for the allowance.
  6. The commuting allowance is not paid retroactively.



  1. The employee sends a written request, using the Commuting Allowance Application/Renewal form, for the allowance to his/her supervisor.
  2. The supervisor may consult with the Department of Human Resources to determine if the employee qualifies for the allowance and advises the employee in writing.
  3. If the employee qualifies, they are required to enter the commuting allowance on their timesheet.
  4. When an employee is no longer eligible for the commuting allowance as his/her workplace is within an 8 km driving distance of a settlement centre (e.g., moved residences, transferred/promoted to another position), the employee must advise their Supervisor in writing.


Authorities and References

UNW Collective Agreement
Article 28, Commuting Allowances


Commuting Allowance Application/Renewal