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1413a - Employee Recognition Policy

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  1. The GNWT recognizes the accomplishments made by its employees. It is committed to honoring and encouraging individuals and teams who contribute through their efforts and actions to the success of the organization. Recognition may involve:
    • Giving praise;
    • Granting awards; and
    • Celebrating and communicating successes.
  2. Recognition will be linked to the GNWT's corporate objectives by supporting defined goals and values. It will focus on creating an enduring effect for employees and the organization.
  3. The GNWT Employee Recognition Policy provides guidelines for the following types of recognition:
    • Government-wide recognition;
    • Department recognition;
    • Long service with the GNWT;
    • Appreciation of service on resignation and/or retirement.



  1. This policy and the applicable guidelines apply to all Departments, Boards and Agencies of the GNWT except the NWT Power Corporation.



  1. Client Services is the Client Services Division of the Department of Human Resources.
  2. Deputy Head means the senior public service employee of a GNWT Department, Board or Agency.
  3. Government-wide recognition (Premier's Award for Excellence) means an annual award given to individual GNWT employees or teams who demonstrate excellence and innovation in meeting the objectives of the government.
  4. Department-wide recognition means formal and informal recognition given at a departmental level to individual employees or teams for outstanding contributions and accomplishments, which best reflect the Department's mission, vision and values.
  5. Formal recognition means Government-wide and Department-wide recognition administered through a formal nomination process.
  6. Informal recognition means the acknowledgment of day-to-day accomplishments in the workplace.
  7. Long service for the purpose of recognition means a specific period of uninterrupted service with the GNWT.
  8. Service appreciation means an acknowledgment of commitment and dedication upon the retirement and/or resignation of a long-term employee of the GNWT.



  1. The Department of Human Resources is responsible for coordinating the annual Premier's Award for Excellence.
  2. Department-wide recognition programs shall be designed and administered in a manner that is consistent with the Employment Recognition Policy and accompanying guidelines.
  3. Departments, Boards and Agencies are responsible for communication and administration of department, long service and service appreciation awards.
  4. Client Services will offer guidance and assistance to Departments, Boards and Agencies wanting to implement a formal department wide recognition program.
  5. The Department of Human Resources will monitor and evaluate recognition efforts to ensure effectiveness and to amend the guidelines when necessary.
  6. As a supplement to the formal guidelines, Departments, Boards and Agencies may use promotional materials to communicate their respective recognition programs (i.e., "A Guide To Employee Recognition").

Reporting and Communication Requirements

  1. Departments, Boards and Agencies are encouraged to promote corporate values and objectives when communicating recognition strategies.
  2. Departments, Boards and Agencies shall record all activity relating to formal recognition and provide feedback to the Department of Human Resources that may contribute to the improvement of current practices.
  3. The Department of Human Resources will periodically evaluate employee recognition guidelines to ensure that they continue to meet their intended objectives. Proposed amendments will be discussed with Departments, Boards and Agencies prior to implementation.


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