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1413b - Premier's Award for Excellence

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  1. The Premier’s Award for Excellence is given to individual GNWT employees or teams of GNWT employees who demonstrate excellence and innovation in meeting the objectives of the government.
  2. The Premier’s Collaboration Award is given to teams made up of GNWT and non-GNWT employees who demonstrate excellence and innovation in collaborating to enhance government programs or services.



  1. In conjunction with the Employee Recognition Policy, these guidelines apply to all GNWT Departments, Boards and Agencies except the NWT Power Corporation. 



  1. Deputy Head means the senior public service employee of a GNWT Department, Board or Agency.
  2. Corporate Human Resources is the Corporate Human Resources Division of the Department of Human Resources.
  3. Management and Recruitment Services is the Management and Recruitment Services Division of the Department of Human Resources.
  4. Senior Management Committee means a committee comprised of all department Deputy Heads.
  5. Non-cash awards means awards excluding cash or items that are equivalent to cash such as stocks, bonds, raw precious metals and gift certificates.



  1. Corporate Human Resources is responsible for coordinating the annual Premier's Awards.
  2. The Premier's Awards will be given annually during Public Service Week in June.
  3. Recognition will be considered for employees or teams who have made outstanding contributions or accomplishments which best reflect the GNWT's corporate objectives.  The Awards encourage continuous improvements in services and management across five general criteria:
    • Innovation and Creativity recognizes outstanding performance and achievement through innovative approaches and creativity to new and sustainable projects, systems and technologies that provide improved performance and service.
    • Exceptional Performance/Service Excellence recognizes outstanding commitment to the Public Service and workplaces that deliver outstanding performance.
    • Leadership/Organizational Excellence recognizes outstanding leadership that presents a role model for the Public Service through leadership and cross agency collaboration, resulting in improved organizational productivity and improved provision of services.
    • Partnerships recognize effective team projects or initiatives that enhance Government programs or services.
    • Teams made up of GNWT employees only are considered for the Premier’s Award for Excellence.
    • Teams made up of GNWT and non-GNWT employees are considered for the Premier’s Collaboration Award.
    • Traditional Knowledge recognizes teams and individuals that distinguish, celebrate and/or incorporate the matured long-standing traditions and practices of the North and its people into Government programs or services.
  1. Recipients are nominated through a simple process that is available to everyone. Employees are not permitted to nominate themselves.
  2. Deputy Heads of Departments, Boards and Agencies are not eligible for the Premier’s Awards.
  3. Each recipient will receive written congratulations and a non-cash award to mark the occasion.  Corporate Human Resources will facilitate the acquisition and distribution of a standardized set of awards.  Congratulatory notes may be signed by the Premier, include a description of the accomplishment, and be copied to the GNWT employee's personnel file.
  4. Nominees who are not selected for the Premier's Awards may be commended for their contribution through the Department Recognition process (see Section 1413c, Department Recognition).
  5. Corporate Human Resources will maintain accurate records of activity related to the Premier's Awards.  Information collected will include:
    1. Employee name;
    2. Team name and team members’ names;
    3. Department or organization;
    4. Location; and
    5. A brief description of the reason for selection.



  1. Corporate Human Resources issues an annual call for nominations and acts as a primary contact for all inquiries.
  2. Nominators submit the Premier’s Awards nomination form to Corporate Human Resources before the specified cut-off date.
  3. Corporate Human Resources reviews all nominations received to ensure they are complete and to validate the nomination information.  This validation may occur by contacting the nominee, the nominee’s supervisor or nominators to collect further information or to seek clarification.
  4. Nomination information is provided to the appropriate Deputy Head for review to ensure that information contained in the nomination is accurate and where a team has been nominated, that all team members have been identified. 
  5. The Senior Management Committee reviews the nominations.  The Premier will approve the final selection of award recipients.
  6. Recipients will receive their recognition at a ceremony hosted by the Premier.  Corporate Human Resources will contact all recipients to ensure they are comfortable with the public nature of the award ceremony.  As well, consent will be obtained before publicizing the names of award recipients.
  7. Corporate Human Resources will provide Management and Recruitment Services with a summary of nominations and outcome for each department.  Management and Recruitment Services will discuss these with Deputy Heads of each department and encourage Departmental Recognition.


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