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1409 - Education Leave

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  1. The Government recognizes the need to develop a stable and competent work force capable of administering Government policies and programs effectively and efficiently.



  1. These guidelines apply to all employees, except Aurora College instructors, teachers and those employed by the Northwest Territories Power Corporation.



  1. Deputy Heads manage the education leave program for their respective departments, boards and agencies.  Employees should contact their designated departmental representative with matters that arise while at an academic institution.
  2. The program includes academic upgrading when necessary to qualify employees to enter post-secondary studies.
  3. The following benefits and payments apply while an employee is on approved education leave:
    1. Tuition fees are reimbursed to employees upon proof of payment.  In some instances, tuition fees may be paid directly to the academic institution.  With the prior approval of the Deputy Head, other academic expenses for field trips or symposia are paid when they represent a required component of the curriculum.
    2. Transportation to the institution is paid for employees and dependants. Costs for moving personal effects to the new residence and back to the place of employment after completing their leave also will be paid.
    3. During summer employment, employees are paid the salary of the position occupied before taking leave.
    4. Superannuation, supplementary death benefit and disability insurance contributions are normally recovered when the employee returns to full employment.  Payments will be recovered over a period equal to that of the education leave.
    5. Education leave greater than six months postpones the employee's next pay increment until the employee returns to work and completes 12 months of paid full-time employment from the effective date of the employee's last increment.  This includes all periods of employment before and after the absence(s) but since the last increment date.
  4. Employees who accept education leave must return to employment with the Government for one calendar year of service for each academic year of leave. Summer employment is counted towards returned service.
  5. When an employee is taking an academic program not relevant to jobs in the employing department, the employee can ask another department head to provide a guarantee of re-employment.
  6. The Employer will, within a reasonable period of time from the date of any request, advise the employee whether the request has been approved or denied.


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