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Format of the Competency Scales

Each competency is defined and formatted in the same way as shown on the next page. Each competency contains the following components:


The overall name given to the competency.


A description of the competency, and explains what the competency means. It indicates the types of behaviours that will be described in the scale. This provides a common language so that everyone can understand the competency in the same way.

Why is “Competency” Important?

A description of how and why a competency is important to the GNWT.

Behavioural Scale

Each competency also provides a behavioural scale that describes how this competency is demonstrated. The scales are structured so that they increase in terms of the complexity and intensity of behaviour shown, and provide descriptions of the types of behaviours one would expect to observe at each level of the competency. The levels of the scale are numbered in ascending order. This means that as you move up the scale, each level is more complex and more difficult to perform than the previous level.

Job Competency

The behaviour that is characteristic of success in each position level. The competency profile for each of the position levels is outlined with the defined job competencies.