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0102 - Initiating A Competition

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  1. When there is a vacancy to be filled and where the Department, Board or Agency plans to fill it through a competition, the Department, Board or Agency must initiate a competition.



  1. Screening criteria are prerequisite experience and education that candidates shall possess before consideration can be given for an interview.
  2. NOC Code is the National Occupational Code that designates a position in a certain occupational grouping.  It is typically recorded in PeopleSoft.
  3. Human Resources Representative means those employees of the Department of Human Resources designated to co-ordinate the recruitment process.
  4. Hiring Risk Assessment Model is a tool that may be used by the Human Resources Representative to determine what type of verification a position requires– education/certification/employment check; or criminal record check.
  5. Selection Committee includes, but is not necessarily restricted to, a Human Resources Representative and the Supervisor of the position being filled.  Where appropriate, a member with technical expertise or community representative may be added to the Selection Committee, either as a full participant or in an advisory capacity with no vote in the final hiring decision.
  6. Management Occupations are occupations responsible for planning, organizing, coordinating, directing, and controlling the activities of programs or services generally through subordinate supervisors.  Based on National Occupational Classification (NOC) coding, positions classified under four digit NOC codes starting with 001 are considered management occupations.  These are Deputy Minister, Assistant Deputy Minister, Chief Executive Officer, Director and Superintendent level positions.
  7. Non-Traditional Occupations are occupations where 70% or more of the incumbents are male and there are ten or more incumbents in the classification group or sub-group.
  8. Limited Competition involves a narrow scope of recruitment that seeks to hire a candidate who:
    1. is currently employed as an indeterminate or term Government of the Northwest Territories’ (GNWT) employee; and/or
    2. is an Affirmative Action designated group member; and/or
    3. resides in a specific geographical area or community.



  1. A Deputy Head, or delegate, identifies the need to fill a vacant position and submits a request either in writing or by e-mail, to the Department’s assigned Human Resources Representative.
  2. The Human Resources Representative verifies the following:
    1. the job description is current and has been approved by the Deputy Head;
    2. the organizational chart is current and has been approved by the Deputy Head;
    3. the position has been evaluated;
    4. the pay level;
    5. the NOC code for the position;
    6. the position is a position of trust, a highly sensitive position or has been reviewed using the Hiring Risk Assessment Model tool (instruction sheet).  Positions of trust, highly sensitive positions or positions having been identified as moderate or high risk during the assessment will require a criminal record check.
    7. position type (full-time, term, seasonal, part-time, continuous, non-continuous, 40 hour week, 37.5 hour week etc);
    8. management or non-traditional occupation; and
    9. location of the position.
  3. Whenever possible, the position should be evaluated prior to advertising.  Failure to do so may negatively impact the quantity and quality of applicants.
  4. The Human Resources Representative will use the Competition Checklist to ensure compliance with staffing guidelines, procedures and timelines.
  5. Competition files are to be kept for a period of at least two years



  1. Once a staffing request is received, the Human Resources Representative creates a competition file which includes:
    1. the authorization to staff the position;
    2. the job description and organization chart; and
    3. competition checklist.
  2. The Human Resources Representative or assistant initiates a competition in the Government Human Resource Management System (PeopleSoft Recruitment Module), which will generate a competition number.
  3. The Human Resources Representative determines whether there are employees on the staffing priority list to consider for the vacancy prior to advertising.
  4. The Human Resources Representative determines, in consultation with the supervisor, whether the vacancy will be filled by a regular transfer assignment of less than one year in length or a developmental transfer assignment of less than two years in length, in which case a competition is optional.
  5. The supervisor of the position and the Human Resources Representative consider the necessity or merit in limiting the scope of the competition (see Section 102a, Limited Competitions).


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