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0102a - Eligibility Lists

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  1. Eligibility lists are a cost-effective and efficient method of staffing similar positions.  Once an eligibility list is established, the list may be used to fill subsequent similar vacancies that may otherwise be filled through a competition



  1. Eligibility list is an inventory of applicants who have applied on a staffing competition and may be qualified to fill future similar vacancies.  An eligibility list can be either:
    1. prequalified applicants who have been tested and interviewed; or
    2. a competition folder with resumes of applicants.
  2. Human Resource Representative means those employees of the Department of Finance designated to coordinate the recruitment process.
  3. Screening Criteria are established to determine which candidates qualify for further consideration. They consist of a combination of prerequisite education and experience, along with any bona fide occupational requirements.
  4. Selection Committee includes, but is not necessarily restricted to, a Human Resource Representative and the supervisor of the position being filled.  Where appropriate, a member with technical expertise or a community representative may be added to the Selection Committee, either as a full participant or in an advisory capacity with no influence in the final hiring decision.



  1. Eligibility lists are established by the Department of Finance to fill similar vacancies within the Public Service.
  2. All Government of the Northwest Territories’ (GNWT) competitions are advertised as having the potential to create eligibility lists for similar positions.
  3. An eligibility list is established:
    1. After the appeal period on the initial competition is over, and there is an appointment of an applicant to the Public Service.  The remaining applicants on the competition are determined to be on an eligibility list for similar positions.
    2. When a competition is held and no one is appointed to the position. The applicants on the competition are determined to be on an eligibility list for similar positions. 
  4. Applicants stay on the eligibility list until the eligibility list expires or is exhausted.
  5. An applicant may request to be removed from an eligibility list at any time.
  6. Eligibility lists may be used to staff similar positions at higher or lower pay levels than the original competition position to a maximum of two levels (i.e., a Policy Officer competition at pay level 16 that established an eligibility list may be used to fill a Policy Coordinator position at pay level 14 or Senior Policy Officer at pay level 18).
  7. Eligibility lists are normally established for a term of six months. Factors to consider when using an eligibility list include:
    1. The likelihood that the remaining applicants are qualified and interested; and 
    2. The possibility that qualified and interested applicants did not apply on the original competition and are not included in the eligibility list. 

The eligibility list may be established for more or less time as appropriate to the vacant positions and extended if necessary.

  1. Appointments made via the use of an eligibility lists may not be appealed if the list was established through a competition for which the appeal period has passed and the proposed appointee was named on that list.

  2. Where an eligibility list is used to fill a position and the original competition did not undergo an appeal period, the appointment is subject to appeal.



  1. A Deputy Head, or delegate, identifies the need to fill a vacant position and submits a request to the Department’s assigned Human Resource Representative.
  2. The Hiring Manager and the Human Resource Representative discuss the benefits of using an eligibility list to staff the vacancy.
  3. If the Hiring Manager agrees to use an established eligibility list, the Human Resource Representative will review the job description and screening criteria to see if they are comparable to similar positions in recent competitions.
  4. If the selection committee uses a list of prequalified applicants, the selection committee reviews only the resumes of those applicants who have completed a  test and/or interview successfully.
  5. If a candidate is selected from the prequalified list, the Human Resource Representative contacts the candidate to provide them details on the position and eligibility list process.
  6. If the selection committee uses an eligibility list without a prequalified applicant list, the Selection Committee will review all resumes in the competition file against the selection criteria (see Section 104 – Screening Applications).  The Human Resource Representative contacts applicants who will be given further consideration to provide them details on the position and eligibility list process.
  7. The selection committee follows the applicable guidelines and sections of the staffing process (i.e., Affirmative Action Policy; assignment and interviews, reference checks, etc.) to determine the best candidate.


Authorities and References


Public Service Act

Section 17.(2), Appeal of Minister’s Decision


Affirmative Action Policy


NWT Human Rights Act

Section 8.(2), Bona fide Occupational Requirement


Staffing Appeal Regulations