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0107 - Job Offers

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  1. Once the proposed appointee satisfies the necessary pre-employment checks, a formal job offer is used to confirm acceptance of the final terms and conditions of employment.



  1. Bona Fide Occupational Requirements are the essential and/or statuatory standards required to perform the duties of a job. Example: Highway Transport Officers are required to have driver’s license in order to drive vehicles or Bilingual positions require the incumbent to speak an Official Language, such as French.
  2. Hiring Manager generally refers to the Supervisor of the position being filled.
  3. Human Resource Representative means those employees of the Department of Finance designated to co-ordinate the recruitment process.
  4. Job Offer is a verbal or written offer of employment that specifies the terms and conditions of the employment arrangement.  .



  1. Job offers shall be contingent upon receipt of two positive references.
  2. A job offer, when accepted by the appointee, binds the GNWT to a contractual      arrangement. It does not, however, bind the appointee to a contractual arrangement until they arrive for work on the effective date specified in the job offer. 
  3. Verbal offers given on competitions subject to appeal are conditional pending an appeal, and if applicable, the outcome of an appeal.   
  4. Start dates and written job offers are confirmed as soon as possible.
  5. The Human Resource Representative and Hiring Manager shall not act upon a job offer until a copy that has been signed and dated by the appointee is received.
  6. A job offer may be conditional upon certain pre-employment checks.  Examples include:
    1. Confirmation of educational requirements;
    2. Motor vehicle licensing requirements;
    3. Criminal record check and/or vulnerable sector check;
    4. Medical examination or up to date immunization; and/or
    5. Confirmation of professional society or association memberships.
  7. Details of all pre-employment checks shall be kept strictly confidential.
  8. Pre-employment checks shall only be conducted for the performance of a bona fide occupational requirement as specified in the approved job description and job advertisement.
  9. Where possible, the Human Resource Representative shall request a certified copy of all official documentation required of the check.
  10. A written job offer shall not be made for a position requiring a pre-employment check until the results of a check are confirmed satisfactorily or the Deputy Head has authorized the employee to commence employment prior to receipt of the results.
  11. Written job offers must be signed by the Deputy Head or authorized delegate.
  12. Salary will be determined as per the applicable section of the Union of Northern Workers Collective Agreement, Excluded Employees Handbook, Senior Manager’s Handbook, or Northwest Territories Teacher’s Association Collective Agreement.
  13. Deputy Heads of the hiring department, board or agency may authorize a job offer at a higher step up to and including Step 8 on initial appointment for UNW and Excluded employees, or where an existing employee has been the successful applicant on a competition for a new position resulting in a promotion, transfer, or demotion. 
  14. Where a job offer is subject to appeal:
    • the verbal offer will be confirmed pending no appeal or if an appeal(s) is denied; or
    • the verbal job offer will be withdrawn if an appeal(s) is upheld.



  1. Upon receipt of satisfactory reference checks and approval from the Hiring Manager to proceed with an offer, the Human Resource Representative reviews the job description and any other necessary information to determine the nature of the required pre-employment check(s).
  2. The Human Resource Representative discusses all terms and conditions requiring negotiation (e.g. salary, start date) with the Supervisor and obtains approval to proceed with the offer.
  3. The Human Resource Representative contacts the successful candidate and provides a conditional verbal offer specifying the terms and conditions of employment and requests certified copies of all pre-employment documents.
  4. If the candidate verbally accepts the proposed terms and conditions of employment, the Human Resource Representative presents a formal written offer, pending an appeal, and if applicable, the outcome of an appeal.  


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