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0119 - Casual Recruiting

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  1. These guidelines and procedures apply to all departments, boards and agencies.



  1. Casual employees are hired for a specific period of employment to do work of a temporary nature.
  2. Affirmative Action Priorities apply to the selection of casual employees. In the case of as and when casual, affirmative action priorities would be applicable at the time of initial hire.
  3. Between May 1 and August 31, students will be given a higher priority than non-students registered in the same Affirmative Action category.
  4. Applicants seeking casual employment should register with individual departments.
  5. The Employer is required to consult with the UNW before a former casual employee is rehired in a particular division if that former casual employee had worked in that division as a casual employee performing the same duties at any time within the 30 working days immediately preceding the date of rehire.
  6. There will be no systematic release and rehire of casuals into the same positions primarily as a means of avoiding the creation of indeterminate employment or paying wages and benefits associated with indeterminate employment.


Authorities and References

Collective Agreement with the UNW
Appendix A5 - Casual Employees