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0123a - Expedited Teacher Recruitment

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  1. The Department of Education, Culture and Employment and the Department of Finance have identified the need for Teachers (eligible for a Northwest Territories teaching certificate) to be recruited through an expedited process outside of the normal annual recruitment drive. This process shall only be used in exceptional circumstances where a qualified teacher has not been found through other recruitment initiatives.



  1. This policy and applicable guidelines apply to the staffing of all Public Service positions within the NWT Teachers’ Association bargaining unit.



  1. Deputy Head is the Senior Public Service employee of a Government Department, Board or Agency. For Divisional Education Councils, the Deputy Head is the Superintendent.  For the Tłı̨chǫ Community Services Agency, the Deputy Head is the Chief Executive Officer.
  2. District Education Authority (DEA) is a locally elected body in each education community to govern the education district.
  3. Divisional Education Councils (DEC’s) represent six of the education jurisdictions within the Northwest Territories
  4. Highly Sensitive Positions – means those positions with duties involving contact with vulnerable members of society such as children, the elderly, persons with disabilities or residents in the GNWT’s care (e.g., teachers, social workers, health care workers, youth workers). Such positions require a vulnerable sector criminal records check.
  5. Preferred Education and Experience is the education and experience that will increase the likelihood that an individual will perform satisfactorily in the job.
  6. Required Education is the education required under the Education Act and Regulations in order to be eligible for certification as a Teacher or Principal in the Northwest Territories. Required education may also include specialist qualifications where necessary.
  7. Required Experience is the experience required for specialist teacher positions such as program support teachers and guidance counselors, and promotional positions such as Department Heads, grade or subject coordinators, curriculum specialists, school administrators, and teacher consultants.
  8. Screening Criteria are established to determine which candidates qualify for further consideration. They must include Required Education and may also include Required Experience and, Preferred Education and Experience, and some alternate ways (equivalencies) of obtaining this Education and Experience.



  1. The Superintendent confirms that the Teaching position has been advertised through the general recruitment drive and or additional advertising within 3 months of utilizing the expedited recruitment process.
  2. The Superintendent may use expedited recruitment to fill teaching positions during the period from May 15th until the start of the next school year and for positions after the school year has commenced.
  3. The Superintendent notifies the local District Education Authority that the competition process was unsuccessful and they will be utilizing expedited recruitment.
  4. The Superintendent or designate identifies the type of targeted approach to recruitment they think might be successful (e.g., attendance at a career fair, word of mouth, attending universities etc.)
  5. The Superintendent or designate ensures the candidate meets the developed screening criteria, which will include required and preferred education and experience.
  6. The Superintendent or designate conducts a standard interview.
  7. The Superintendent or designate contacts supervisory references, one of which shall be the candidate’s current or most recent direct supervisor, as per the guidelines in the Human Resource Manual (HRM) Section 106 - Reference Checks, prior to the verbal offer being provided. 
  8. Job offers shall be contingent upon receipt of two positive references.
  9. The Superintendent or designate make a conditional verbal job offer to the individual. (Conditional upon an acceptable vulnerable sector criminal records check and receiving an NWT teaching certificate). This is a conditional contractual commitment; the employer is responsible for and cannot be rescinded unless conditions have not been met.
  10. A written job offer is signed off by the delegated signing authority.
  11. The Superintendent or designate will provide a rationale for utilizing the expedited recruitment process within 2 weeks of the job offer being signed. This rationale will be forwarded to the respective Education Council, the Department of Finance, Management and Recruitment Services division and the Department of Education, Culture and Employment of any appointments made as a result of the expedited recruitment process. The rationale shall include:
    • Teaching Position Title and Location
    • Dates of unsuccessful competition
    • Targeted approach they were successful in (e.g., attendance at a career fair, word of mouth, attending universities etc.)



  1. The Staffing Guidelines, including Section 123 of the HRM, and all applicable examples, administrative procedures and forms shall be maintained by Management and Recruitment Services. Questions regarding the application or interpretation of these guidelines may be directed to:

    Director, Management and Recruitment Services
    Department of Finance
    Government of the Northwest Territories
    Box 1320
    Yellowknife NT X1A 2L9
    Phone: (867) 767-9154
    Fax: (867) 873-0235