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0106 - Job Advertising

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Official Languages Act

GNWT Visual Identity Program

GNWT Standards for French Communications and Services



  1. Published Advertising is competition advertisements distributed through newspapers, the Internet, magazines, journals etc.
  2. Advertising Agent is the company or person appointed by the GNWT to be responsible for the placement of all GNWT newspaper advertisements.



  1. GNWT recruitment advertising is done in the most effective way to maximize the advertising audience within available advertising expenditures.
  2. All open GNWT competitions are advertised in eRecruit.
  3. Any medium, including Internet, newspaper, community radio or television station, professional magazines and journals, is acceptable.
  4. All recruitment advertisements must comply with the GNWT Visual Identify Program.
  5. All recruitment advertisements must comply with the GNWT Standards for French Communications and Services.
  6. GNWT recruitment advertising is to be placed in papers with circulation in all NWT communities (e.g., News/North, Northern Journal).
  7. Print advertising expenditures related to employment opportunities are to be proportionally divided between News/North and the Northern Journal, on a basis consistent with the territorial circulation of each publication.
  8. The Department of Human Resources is responsible to coordinate generic recruitment advertising in NWT wide newspapers by undertaking the following:
    1. Annually determine the territorial circulation of each publication.
    2. Make arrangements for the placement of the generic GNWT recruitment ad in each publication on a weekly basis.
    3. Recover costs equally from Departments, Boards and Agencies.
  9. Human resource recruitment advertising outside the generic GNWT ad, such as Deputy Minister recruitment campaigns, is at the discretion and cost of the recruiting Department, Board or Agency.
  10. For competitions limited to a specific geographical area or community (excluding the current boundaries of the Northwest Territories and the City of Yellowknife) local advertising may be carried out either in addition to, or instead of, advertising in the territorial paper.
  11. Newspaper recruitment advertisements in Fort Smith, Hay River, Inuvik and Yellowknife are to be advertised in French as well as English.  French advertisements are placed in L'Aquilon newspaper. 
  12. When a position requires skills in English and another official language of the Northwest Territories, it must be advertised in English and in the required official language in the regional or territorial-wide newspaper(s) considered appropriate by the advertising Department, Board or Agency.
  13. Published recruitment advertising for all GNWT Departments, Boards and Agencies, excluding the Internet, is coordinated through a central advertising agent.


About this section

Authority:  Financial Management Board

Issued:  September 1992

Last Updated:  October 3, 2013

Responsible Unit:  Corporate Human Resources