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0125 - Initiating a NWTTA Competition

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  1. The majority of staffing for NWTTA positions occurs during the Annual Recruitment Campaign.
  2. When there is an NWTTA vacancy to be filled during the school year, the Board may initiate a competition.



  1. Assistant Principal is a Teacher who has been delegated additional responsibilities by the Principal.
  2. Deputy Head is the Senior Public Service employee of a Government Department, Board or Agency. For Divisional Education Councils, the Deputy Head is the Director/Superintendent.  For the Tłı̨chǫ Community Services Board, the Deputy Head is the Chief Executive Officer.
  3. Preferred Education and Experience is the education and experience that will increase the likelihood that an individual will perform satisfactorily in the job.
  4. Principal is the head of the school. The Education Act defines the duties of the Principal.
  5. Required Education is the education required under the Education Act and Regulations in order to be eligible for certification as a Teacher or Principal in the Northwest Territories. Required education may also include specialist qualifications where necessary.
  6. Required Experience is the experience required for specialist teacher positions such as program support teachers and guidance counselors, and promotional positions such as Department Heads, grade or subject coordinators, curriculum specialists, school administrators, and teacher consultants.
  7. Selection Committee may include, but is not necessarily restricted to, a
    Division Education Council or school manager, a Human Resources Representative and a representative from the local governing body
    (i.e. District Education Authority).  Where appropriate, a member with technical expertise or community representative may be added to the Selection Committee, either as a full participant or in an advisory capacity with no vote in the final hiring decision.



  1. Internal Competitions may be held at each school to determine which existing member of the Teaching staff will be delegated the additional responsibilities of Assistant Principals.
  2. For NWTTA Staff Member positions, the Principal defines Required and Preferred Education and Experience. For Principal positions, the Superintendent/Director defines Required and Preferred Education and Experience.



  1. The Principal of each school submits vacancy information to the Deputy Head at the Education Board. 
  2. The Deputy Head provides approval to the Principal(s) to staff the vacancies.
  3. The Department of Education, Culture and Employment ensures all vacancies are posted electronically. The Deputy Head or Delegate will contact the Client Service Manager for the applicable region to ensure the employment opportunity is advertised on the GNWT Careers website. The Deputy Head or Delegate may also advertise the employment opportunity on the Education Canada and Apply to Education websites.
  4. The Selection Committee Chairperson ensures that the Selection Committee complies with GNWT staffing guidelines, procedures and timelines.


Authorities and References

Education Act

Public Service Act

Northwest Territories Teachers’ Association Collective Agreement