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0126 - NWTTA Selection Committees

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  1. Each competition requires a Selection Committee that will apply the relevant policies and guidelines to determine the most suitable candidate.



  1. Assistant Principal is a Teacher who has been delegated additional responsibilities by the Principal.
  2. Deputy Head is the Senior Public Service employee of a Government Department, Board or Agency. For Divisional Education Councils, the Deputy Head is the Superintendent.  For the Tłı̨chǫ Community Services Agency, the Deputy Head is the Chief Executive Officer.
  3. District Education Authority (DEA) is a locally elected body in each education community to govern the education district.
  4. Divisional Education Councils (DEC’s) represent six of the education jurisdictions within the Northwest Territories
  5. Eligibility list is an inventory of applicants who have applied on a staffing competition and may be qualified to fill future similar vacancies.  An eligibility list can be either:
    1. prequalified applicants who have been tested and interviewed; or
    2. a competition folder with resumes of applicants.
  6. Human Resources Representative is a person designated by the Department of Finance to co-ordinate the recruitment process. 
  7. Northwest Territories Teachers Association (NWTTA) is the bargaining agent for all teachers in the NWT.  When an individual accepts a teaching position with one of the Northwest Territories (NWT) Divisional Education Councils (DECs) they become a member of the NWTTA
  8. Principal is the head of the school. The Education Act defines the duties of the Principal. 
  9. Screening Criteria are established to determine which candidates qualify for further consideration. They must include Required Education and may also include Required Experience and, Preferred Education and Experience, and some alternate ways (equivalencies) of obtaining this Education and Experience. 
  10. Selection Committee may include, but is not necessarily restricted to, a Division Education Council or school manager, a Human Resources Representative and a representative from the local governing body (i.e. District Education Authority).  Where appropriate, a member with technical expertise or community representative may be added to the Selection Committee, either as a full participant or in an advisory capacity with no vote in the final hiring decision.



  1. The Selection Committee for NWTTA positions shall include the Deputy Head or designate, normally the Principal, for Teacher positions. If a Human Resources Officer is part of the interview process, they act as Chairperson, otherwise the Deputy Head or designate is the Chairperson of the Selection Committee.
  2. Whenever possible, a designate of the local DEA, should be a member of the Selection Committee for NWTTA positions in their community.
  3. The Human Resources Representative may be a member of the Selection Committee. If not, the Human Resources Representative is a resource to the Selection Committee to ensure compliance with guidelines, procedures and timelines.
  4. Depending on the level of the position, the recommended size of the Selection Committee is three members.
  5. Members of the Selection Committee are expected to participate in all screening and interviews of the competition in order to maintain consistency. Selection Committee members should excuse themselves from participating as part of the Selection Committee if they are not able to participate for the duration of the hiring process.
  6. When appropriate, the Selection Committee may also include a member with subject expertise either as a full participant or in an advisory capacity with no vote in the final hiring decision.
  7. Where a Committee member must remove himself/herself from the competition and it is necessary to replace that member, a substitute may be used for interviews as long as he/she reviews and concurs with the competition file prior to participating and signs off on all components of the file. Selection Committee members who find themselves in a potential conflict of interest situation due to a relationship with the candidate are required to discuss this with the other Selection Committee members and if necessary, withdraw from the committee.
  8. The Chairperson, i.e. Deputy Head or designate, of the Selection Committee will:
    • Review eligibility lists;
    • Review the advertisement;
    • Develop the Screening Criteria, which will include Required and Preferred Education and Experience;
    • Conduct Reference Checks, one of which shall be the candidate’s current or most recent direct supervisor, as per the guidelines in the Human Resource Manual (HRM) Section 106 - Reference Checks, and assess information obtained; and
    • Assess information obtained in the vulnerable sector check.
  9. The Selection Committee will:
    • Apply the screening criteria when reviewing all applications;
    • Interview, rate and rank the candidates;
    • Apply Priority Rankings for Teacher positions; and
    • Recommend, to the Deputy Head, to whom the employment offer(s) should be made.
  10. All Selection Committee members should become familiar with the GNWT hiring process, guidelines and procedures.



  1. If required a Human Resources Representative will provide the Chairperson with an overview of the competition process.
  2. The Chairperson assembles the Selection Committee.
  3. The Chairperson provides Selection Committee members with an expected timeline for the competition process so that competition activities can be coordinated.
  4. The Chairperson provides Selection Committee members with information on GNWT Staffing Practices and Procedures, emphasizing the importance of maintaining confidentiality.