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Mid-Year Entering/Exiting Employee

For employees entering or exiting the GNWT public service mid-year, the Performance Development Annual Cycle can be expedited, as required.

Do I have to complete a document if I started mid-year?

Yes, so long as the employee reported for at least 90 days in a fiscal year (excluding casual employees), a Performance Document must be completed. Checkpoints missed can be skipped, and the remainder of the relevant cycle (Fiscal Year, Seasonal or School Year) can be completed per their outlined schedules.

When will my document be available?

Performance Documents are automatically generated for new employees after 90 days of employment.

If the supervisor requires access to the Document prior to this time, they may contact their Human Resources Representative or email

I’m leaving the GNWT, do I still need to complete my document?

Performance Documents should be expedited to completion, prior to the employee’s departure. A copy of the completed document will be kept on the employee’s file.

I’m transferring positions; do I still need to complete my document?

In the event an employee is transferring positions mid-year, the Performance Document is required to be expedited to completion prior to their departure. A second Performance Document will be generated for their new position for the remainder of the fiscal year.