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Seasonal Employees

Seasonal employees are also required to complete Performance Documents. For Seasonal Employees, the Annual Cycle begins at the start of their season, and ends near the end of their season closure.

When do we start the document?

For Seasonal Employees, the Annual Cycle starts when the seasonĀ begins. At this time, Work Objectives and Learning Goals should be set, and competencies reviewed.

When should the document be completed?

Performance Documents should be expedited to completion, prior to the end of the season. This means that the deadlines in ePerformance can be disregarded as steps are pushed to completion prior to the end of the season.

Do we need to do anything throughout the season?

Regular check-ins between the manager and supervisor should occur throughout the season.

Approx. Dates

Annual Performance DevelopmentĀ  Activities

Season Starts

Work Objectives and Learning Plans set. Competencies should be reviewed.
Mid-Season Mid-Season Check-In.
Season Ends Proceed to Evaluations prior to end of season.