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Grievance Process

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If you have a complaint about your treatment under the Public Service Act, Regulations or other terms and conditions of employment, you may utilize the grievance process.  Before submitting a complaint, you may seek the advice of a Human Resource Services Officer.

Step One

You must submit a written grievance to your first level of management as designated by the Government.  This grievance must be submitted within 15 calendar days of your becoming aware of the situation that has resulted in the complaint.  Your grievance must describe the nature of the complaint you are making.

The person designated to hear your complaint has 21 days to meet with you, hear your grievance, decide on it and send a written copy of the decision to you.

Step Two

If you are not satisfied with the decision made, or if the complaint cannot be resolved at Step One, you may submit your grievance to your Deputy Head.  You must submit this grievance within 14 days of receiving the first level decision.

The Deputy Head will have 14 days to meet with you, hear your grievance and respond to your complaint in writing.