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You are paid based on the point value of your job, as determined by the Korn Ferry Job Evaluation System (formally known as Hay).  Hourly salaries for each point range are included in Appendix A.

If you are hired within two (2) years of your last date of employment with the Employer to perform the same duties, you shall be paid at the same step as you were being paid when you ceased to be an employee.  This does not apply to casual employees.

If you are a newly appointed employee or are the successful employee in a competition for a new job, you will be placed on step 2 of the applicable pay range of your position if you have two (2) years of directly related experience to the responsibilities of the new job; at step 3 if you have more than two (2) but less than four (4) years of directly related experience to the responsibilities of the new job; and step 4 if you have more than four (4) years of directly related experience to the responsibilities of the new job.  

Pay increments are granted in recognition of service and good performance. 

Pay increments, which are recommended by the Deputy Head, shall be granted the first day of the month of the employee’s initial appointment.

Salary increment dates for employees on education leave or leave without pay are postponed until 12 months of full-time work from the previous pay increment have been completed.

Salary is paid every other week.  Your bi-weekly salary is calculated by multiplying your base salary (hourly rate in Appendix A) by the number of hours you are scheduled to work in a two-week period (75 or 80).  Upon initial hire, one week of your base salary will be withheld and you will be paid one week in arrears until the termination of your employment.

Pay for Performance

If your contributions and achievements during the year are outstanding, you may receive:

  • A one-time Pay for Performance bonus of up to a maximum of 3.5% to reflect the degree to which expected levels of achievements and contributions are exceeded as provided for in the Performance Development Program.

Except in exceptional circumstances, Pay for Performance will not be awarded where the employee does not have a completed performance appraisal for the applicable fiscal year.

Responsibility Allowance

Employees receive a responsibility allowance for temporarily performing the duties of a higher position.

When you are required to temporarily perform the duties of a position at a higher pay range:

  • for five (5) days or less, you will receive a responsibility allowance equal to 10% of your base salary;
  • for more than five (5) days, you will receive a responsibility allowance equal to 12% of your base salary.

If your increment falls within the acting period, it will be applied in the acting category. 

Membership Fees

The Employer shall reimburse an employee or on behalf of the employee, pay for membership, registration, licensing or certification fees to an organization, governing body, or government agency when the payment of such fees is a requirement for the performance of the duties of the employee’s position.