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Job Evaluation

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Job Evaluation will be done using the Korn Ferry (formerly known as Hay) Job Evaluation System to assess the value of your position. If your position is re-evaluated while you occupy it, you will receive written notification of the evaluation result.

If you feel your position has been improperly evaluated:

  1. Discuss the evaluation with your supervisor or a representative of management who is knowledgeable in the job evaluation system.  Upon request, you will be provided with a copy of the Job Description for your position, together with the point rating and the rationale supporting the point rating assigned.
  2. You may submit a job evaluation appeal within thirty (30) days of the date of the evaluation notification letter.  At the time you submit an appeal, you may provide any documentation demonstrating you were performing new or changed duties and demonstrating you raised your concerns with your Employer. 
    • This appeal will be referred to a Job Evaluation Review Board consisting of a representative of the Employer, a representative for you, and an independent Chairperson.  All members of the Job Evaluation Review Board must be trained in the use of the Job Evaluation System. 
  3. The Job Evaluation Review Board may, by a majority decision, either determine that the position’s evaluation is proper, or the Board may determine that the position has been improperly evaluated, and determine the proper evaluation for the position.
  4. The majority decision of the Board is binding until such time as you have been promoted, transferred, or the job description is changed by the Employer and the position has been re-evaluated.
  5. You may withdraw your appeal at any time.