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The purpose of the Excluded Employees’ Handbook is to describe the terms and conditions of your employment as an excluded employee with the Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT).

Excluded employees are those employees who are not represented by the Union of Northern Workers or the Northwest Territories Teachers’ Association and are not Senior Management Group.

These terms and conditions of employment are established by the Public Service Act, the Public Service Act Regulations, and policies of the Executive Council as amended from time to time.  It is a term and condition of your employment that changes to the
Public Service Act, Public Service Act Regulations and policies of the Executive Council amend the terms and conditions of your employment on their effective date.  Those authorities prevail if there is any discrepancy between them and the information in this Handbook.  The Handbook will be updated periodically as changes are made.  Subject to the foregoing, the terms of employment in this handbook are effective April 21, 2019 unless another date is expressly stated.

The Human Resource Manual has operational rules and guidelines for these terms and conditions of employment.  If you have any specific questions you should direct them to the Human Resource Service Centre in your region.

The Human Resource Manual and information on your applicable benefits can be accessed on the GNWT website at: