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How do I hire a summer student?

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The GNWT provides summer student employment opportunities to eligible northern, post-secondary students through the Summer Student Employment Program (SSEP) from April 15th to August 30th.

Students can be hired throughout the year, but during this time they are given a higher priority than non-students in the same Affirmative Action category.

Departments, Boards and Agencies are encouraged to provide northern students the opportunity to gain valuable work experience in an area related to their field of study to enhance employment prospects upon completion of their studies

To be considered for summer employment, students will register through the Summer Student Employment Page on the Careers site. HR compiles a list of available students from these applications. Departments must then select their summer students from this list, which is available by contacting Human Resource Representative or

Application Process

  1. Contact your Human Resource Representative or the Student & Youth Recruitment Officer with your request to hire a student for access to the Summer Student SharePoint site. Once granted access, review the summer student database and select resumes in accordance with the Affirmative Action Policy, your Department’s mandate and the student’s field of study.
    Note: All Students must be registered to the Summer Student Employment Program prior to being considered for hire.
  2. Hiring Managers conduct interviews and reference checks and if successful at obtaining a candidate, proceed with completing a summer student request form and submit it to their HR Representative. Requests may be submitted at any time however, departments are encouraged to submit applications by February 28 to ensure all required paperwork is completed for students to begin employment in May.
  3. The Department of Finance will prepare the student’s job offer and provide hire documents to the Hiring Managers. Managers forward these documents to delegated signing authority and students for signature. All signed documents are returned to HR.

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For further information, contact your Human Resource Representative or