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How do I initiate a direct appointment?

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Direct Appointment:
The government recognizes that there are occasions where a direct appointment to the Public Service rather than an appointment through competition is appropriate to address unique staffing circumstances.


1. The Human Resource Representative for your Department can provide you with advice on the hiring options available to you, including direct appointment.

2. Ensure that the proposed direct appointment fits with the Direct Appointment Guidelines.

3. Confirmation that the sponsoring Minister (Minister of the responsible department) supports that a direct appointment is appropriate and should be sought.

4. Discuss the possibility of direct appointment with the person who will be offered the position, to ensure they are interested in accepting the position should a direct appointment be approved.

5. The direct appointment paper, to be submitted to Cabinet by the sponsoring Minister, is developed by the sponsoring department.

6. Individual departments, boards and agencies have internal approval processes for direct appointment submissions.

7. The Department of Finance must be consulted and review all direct appointment submissions prior to submission to the Executive.

8. The Cabinet Submission for the direct appointment is submitted to the Department of the Executive at least 10 working days prior to the Cabinet meeting.

9. If the direct appointment is approved, the Human Resource Representative for your Department will make arrangements to have the direct appointment job offer prepared. 

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