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How do I hire an intern?

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Application Process

Step 1

A line manager identifies a need for Internship placement(s), consults with their HR representative and attains Deputy Head approval to hire an Intern through the Internship Program.

Step 2

Once Deputy Head approval is received, manager submits the following documentation the Internship Program via their HR representative:

  1. Internship Application Form. Completed in full and signed by both the supervisor and deputy head.

Please include the following attached to the Intern Request Form:

  • Existing Job Description


  • New or Revised Job Description(s): Include a completed Job Evaluation Request Form, draft Job Description, and current organizational chart.

Note: It is the responsibility of the hiring department to submit the job evaluation package to Job Evaluation.

Incomplete documents are returned to the hiring department.  Applications cannot proceed until completed documentation is received. 

The intake period for Departmental applications to the Internship Program is October 1st to November 30th. There is funding for 40 intern placements each fiscal year. Departments are encouraged to submit multiple applications for all identified internship opportunities.

Step 3

The Department of Finance advises hiring supervisors via email on the status of the application (approved, not approved, more information required).

Step 4

Approved internship positions will be advertised on the GNWT Careers job site for northern graduates to apply on.

Step 5

Once the job posting has closed the hiring manager works with their HR Representative to review the applicant pool and conduct assessments including assignments, interviews and reference checks.

Internships should first be offered to northern graduates who have completed studies directly related to the proposed position. When such candidates cannot be found, graduates whose degrees are not directly related may be offered the internship provided there is a reasonable expectation that the graduate will perform satisfactorily in the role.

Consistent with all staffing across the GNWT, hiring for an intern position also follows the Affirmative Action Policy.

Step 6:

Based on the outcome of the interview process, the line manager determines the successful candidate. Interns may initially be hired as casual employees while requests for Executive Council approval of a Direct Appointment are being processed.

Intern Direct Appointment decision papers are prepared by the Student and Youth Recruitment Officer in consultation with the hiring department and reviewed by the Department of Finance Policy Shop.

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For further information, contact your Human Resource Representative